5 Ways for a business owner to utilize their commute effectively

Commutes are often dreaded and seen as a big hindrance to your daily life. Admittedly, they are far from ideal, but instead of simply being dismissed as a necessary time-waster, they should be seen as an opportunity to continue to be productive outside typical working hours.

If you’re commuting 30 minutes each way, an extra hour each day can really make a significant difference to your business. So here are a few ways as a business owner that you can utilize your commute effectively.

1. Emails

It’s an obvious one, and even somewhat of a cliche due to how common it has become, but using your commute to reply to emails is a great time-saver.

Despite the advancements of technology in the communications industry, an estimated 281 billion emails are still sent each day. It’s often very time-consuming to respond to your associates’ queries, so the commute is the perfect time to get it done. It also not a difficult task, which means you can still somewhat switch off.

Additionally, among the sea of junk and spam promising to increase your business’ revenue by 25000%, there are a few diamonds in the rough. These could potentially be missed as getting caught up in a busy day could lead to not checking all your emails thoroughly, so taking a few minutes to properly check your inboxes will ensure you don’t miss out.

2. Social media updates

by Ibrahim ID/CC BY-SA 4.0

Social media is a crucial tool in a business’s arsenal. It is a valuable way to promote yourself at little cost. For the larger companies, it is key to keeping in touch with their customer base.

Posting on platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, daily can increase engagement by up to 90%. It also gives a potential follower a reason to like the page or follow the account — as they know they will get content regularly. Regular does not mean as much as possible though, a balance between moderation and consistency must be found to maximize visibility.

A post can take five minutes to create, yet with the busy nature of life as a business owner,it can often be neglected and ultimately forgotten. So use the commute time effectively and ensure the social media accounts are kept updated.


Why not make use of the train journey in to work and swat up on some industry info? In terms of your own business, you should be pretty clued-up. But it never hurts to check up on your competition. Learn what they are doing well and try to better it. Learn what they are not doing so well and make sure you avoid it.

Also, stay up to date with the key information that surrounds the industry you are working in. If you own a fashion business, you will obviously be keeping up with the latest trends, but go beyond that. Learn about the history of certain aspects of the industry. Research lesser-known, smaller brands that may be more relevant in the future.

You may learn something that you will never need with your work, but it will still give you an important context. Furthermore, anything learnt that your competitors do not know will give you an edge, and no matter how small, any advantage gained could be crucial.

4.Play a game

Mental games are a great way to engage your brain and have fun while killing a bit of time on your commute.

Games like chess and poker require logical thinking, and can act as a mental stimulant to get your brain in gear at the start of the day. The PokerStars appand Chess Free, for example, are both apps you could download to get yourself switched on and focused in the morning. Not only will the fun nature of the games keep you entertained, but the logic required will also help keep the clogs up there turning and get yourself ready to start the business day.

5. Admin

Admin is the mundane — but required — a burden that comes with most jobs.

Yes, it’s boring. Yes, it’s repetitive. So why waste hours in the office sorting it out when you could be using that time for creative-genius instead?

Do the proper work during the day, and leave the paperwork for the commute. Again, it is usually a case of just inputting data, so minimal effort is required. You can switch off and go to autopilot while still getting something necessary completed.

There are many other ways to make your commute productive, but these are the mains ones that are most relevant when running a business. Of course, different people will have different circumstances, and so everyone will find their own ideal way to do things. Ultimately, however, a commute should be seen as an opportunity to further productivity as opposed to simply just being an unavoidable hindrance to the day.

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